The Deco Street Ice® System

Deco Street Ice withstands the hard-core punishment of in-line hockey. Engineered specifically for the high impact sport of in-line skating, this system also makes an excellent surface for skateboard parks. DecoStreetIce uses the same acrylic polymer technology used in the world-renowned DecoTurf® tennis courts. Street Ice is a high performance surface, that can't be beat.

Smooth as Ice

Consistent surface texture. Excellent puck and skate speeds. You can actually feel the benefits of Street ice. Irregular surface coatings cause inconsistent speed and unpredictable traction, creating increased risk of injury to players. These problems are minimized with Street ice. Goal to goal, it is as smooth as ice.

Street Tough

In-line skates deliver four times more pressure per inch than the average car tire. Made with 100% acrylic resins, Street Ice is designed for durability. Engineered to withstand constant rigorous use and harsh weather conditions,StreetIce is street tough.

Ice Colours

Sharkskin Gray, Ice Blue, Red and Green colours provide a clean durable finish. Created specifically for in-line hockey, they allow excellent puck contrast for enhanced visual perception, unlike dark tennis or basketball courts. The fade resistant surface colours help protect against ultra-violet degradation and weather.

Years of play

Less expensive than polyurethane, epoxy or interlocking tile systems, Street Ice provides exceptional long-term value. The acrylic surface is easy to maintain with minimal cost. Light washing or sweeping will keep StreetIce in top condition for years of play.