Decorative Coating For High-Wear Surfaces

Acrylotex is a unique, durable acrylic coating designed for use on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Acrylotex provides a medium texture, non-skid surface for medium to high use traffic areas. Acrylotex is fully pigmented to provide aesthetically pleasing colours to blend with surrounding areas. Acrylotex can be applied over stained concrete surfaces to restore the look without costly replacement It's easy and cost effective. Since wear is not of a structural nature, simply recoat and the finish is revitalized. Acrylotex is s uitable for a wide variety of applications including:

The Acrylotex® System

Outstanding Performance

-Pedestrian Walkways.
-Parks and Play grounds.

-Architectural Accents.
-Pool Areas.

-Cement Stairs.
-Parking Lots.
-Golf Paths.