The ARMOR ® Crack Repair System utilizes a special fabric that covers the crack. When the crack widens during the cold winter months, this fabric expands. However, this material will not expand where it is bonded to a hard surface like the court. Therefore, the secret to making this fabric work is how it is purposely not bonded to the court surface in the vicinity of the crack. This allows more of the special fabric to absorb movement or growth of the crack, usually without even causing the paint on top of the repair to fracture.

When completed, a hollow sound may be heard when the tennis ball bounces directly on the portion of the repair that is not bonded to the court. Since the fabric lies directly on top of the court surface, a "dead spot" is generally not created. A hollow sound is an unavoidable result of successfully repairing the cracks without the expensive alternative of completely replacing the courts.

Although your tennis court is technically still cracked, the crack is isolated beneath an expandable membrane hidden from view. After the 36" wide repair is covered with a typical three-coat colour coating system, it is virtually unnoticeable. The layers of special fabric that are staggered in width to reduce build-up, allow the crack to expand and contract without the crack reappearing on the surface. Although it will not prevent cracks from developing elsewhere on the court, or prevent repaired cracks from growing in length out beyond the repair,the ARMOR® Crack Repair System has successfully kept repaired structural tennis court cracks from reappearing on the surface for nearly ten years.