DecoTurf is the best-known tennis court surfaces in the world. It is selected for use at the world's most prestigious events including the Olympic Games, the US Open since 1978, seven of the ten US Open Series tournaments, the NCAA championships and many other tournaments around the world.

DecoTurf offer numerous multi-layer tennis court systems to accommodate all types of play. From tournament director to collegiate coach, architect to homeowner, professionals demand DecoTurf. If you want to play like a pro, make sure you're playing on a Deco surface.

DecoTurf has supplied court surfaces for thousands of tournaments, schools, clubs, hotels and private residencies around the world.

DecoTurf is a division of California Products Corporation. California Products is the largest supplier of acrylic sport surfacing systems in the world.

The company headquarters is located just north of Boston in Andover, Massachusetts. The 168,000 square foot facility houses the corporate offices, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution for the company. The facility was constructed in 2001 and is the most technologically advanced coatings manufacturing operation in the world. With these state-of-the-art production capabilities, California Products can produce over 50,000 gallons of coatings each day and can accommodate 10 truckloads departing simultaneously.