Asphalt court

By far the most prevalent type of tennis court surface due to its versatility, true bounce and low maintenance.

For the ultimate court construction; high & dry is the key, and preferably undisturbed soil with a solid sub base and proper drainage will keep you out of trouble, depending on circumstances weeping tiles may sometime be installed for better drainage.

The stone base of a court typically consist of 10" of ¾" limestone or granular A. depending on the sub base circumstances.

Our machinery used for grading & leveling is equipped with a "On Board" automated laser driven leveling equipment that grades the stone base to a 1% slope running from side to side.

Near perfection the final steps for leveling is done by applying 2” of limestone screening.

Asphalt court consists of a 2” - 4” of hot mix asphalt (HL-3A or HL-3).

Our asphalt paver is equipped with a sensor laser that is controlled by hydraulic that guides the screed of the paver to trim high areas & fill low spots.

Our asphalt paver is equipped with a vibratory screed for better compaction and the surface is rolled with a 3-ton vibratory roller until cooled.

The compaction of the court surface once finished is approximately 97%.

Life expectancy of asphalt is approximately 20 years, however, by surfacing the asphalt with an acrylic coating coating will prevent the substrate from oxidizing and will literally double the life expectancy of the court.